April 28 : Fifth Sunday of Easter - Newness, Glory, and Love

April 26th, 2013


According to the Gospel of John, the actuation and the realization of all these 3 realities took place on the Cross. Therefore we are invited to experience the same in our moments of joy and in moments of Sorrow.

April 21 : 4th Sunday of Easter - The Good Shepherd Sunday

April 17th, 2013


In the gospel reading Jesus identifies himself as the shepherd: “My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me”(John 10:27). Remember, each week we take Jesus inside us in the Eucharist and our greatest protection and shepherding comes from within. Take the time to listen to Jesus. Spend some quality time this week with Jesus. Just a few minutes to listen quietly or reflect on his words can change your day. That is how we are nourished. And that is how we can be judged.

April 14 - 3rd Sunday of Easter : To love like Jesus

April 12th, 2013


Todays Gospel presents to us the scene of Peter's repentance as three times Jesus asks him to make a profession of love. Jesus then explains just what Peter's love and leadership will require, foretelling Peter;s death by crucifixion: "you will stretch out your hands". This is agape love, that is self-forgetting love. Mother Theresa of Calcutta speaks of 'loving till it hurts'. That is Christian love. Can we love this way? Can we love the way Jesus loved?

April 7 - Second Sunday of Easter: I believe

April 6th, 2013


Each one of us must come to our own personal faith in Jesus. We can't believe just because our friends do. Their faith can help us and challenge us and strengthen us but it is not enough. We must arrive at our own personal faith in Jesus just as Thomas did in today's Gospel


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