April 13 - Passion Sunday : Self-giving Sacrifice

April 9th, 2014




First Reading         : Isaiah 50:4-9a
Psalm                     :
Psalm 31:9-16
Second Reading     :
Philippians 2:5-11
Gospel                    :
Matthew 26:14-27:66


Today we celebrate the Passion Sunday or the Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is the great doorway leading into Holy Week, the week when the Lord Jesus makes his way towards the culmination of his earthly existence. He goes up to Jerusalem in order to fulfil the Scriptures and to be nailed to the wood of the Cross, the throne from which he will reign for ever, drawing to himself humanity of every age and offering to all the gift of redemption. During this week we are going to meditate what we hear today, in the passion Narrative, namely the life-giving death of Our Lord. He gave us everything and He had nothing more to give us. To what extent have I given Jesus everything that I have? What keeps me from giving Him everything?


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