February 21 - First Sunday of Lent: Renounce Satan with the power of the Word of God

February 18th, 2021


First Reading  Genesis 9:8-15

God establishes a covenant with Noah, giving a rainbow as its sign.


Responsorial Psalm  Psalm 25:4-5,6-7,8-9

A prayer praising God for his covenant


Second Reading  1 Peter 3:18-22

In our baptism, we are saved through Christ's death and Resurrection.


Gospel Reading Mark 1:12-15


The tempter seeks to divert Jesus from the Father’s plan, that is, from the way of sacrifice, of the love that offers itself in expiation, to make him take an easier path, one of success and power. The devil, in fact, to divert Jesus from the way of the cross, sets before him false messianic hops; economic well-being, indicated by the ability to turn stones into bread; a dramatic and miraculous style, with the idea of throwing himself down from the highest point of the Temple in Jerusalem; an lastly, a shortcut to power and dominion, in exchange for an act of adoration to Satan. These are the three groups of temptations: and we, too, know them well. Jesus does not dialogue with Satan, as Eve had done in the earthly paradise. Jesus is well aware that there can be no dialogue with Satan, for he is cunning. So Jesus chooses to take refuge in the Word of God and responds with the power of this Word. Let us remember this: at the moment of temptation, there is no arguing with Satan, our defense must always be the Word of God. And this will save us. 

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