October 1 – Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time : Deeds and not only words

September 30th, 2017



First Reading : Ezekiel 18:25-28

It is possible to turn from sin and preserve one's life.


Responsorial Psalm : Psalm 25:4-9

A prayer to God for mercy.


Second Reading : Philippians 2:1-11

(shorter form Philippians 2:1-5) Be like Christ who humbled himself and was exalted by God.

Gospel Reading Matthew 21:28-32


The Parable teaches that discipleship is fundamentally about what one does, not just about what one says. Some may claim in words to be religious, but their lack of deeds and lack of genuine repentance and obedient faith betray their hypocrisy. Yet amazingly, the grace of God shown in repentance can draw even notorious sinners into the kingdom. The kingdom is promised not to those who merely say “I will goâ€, but to those who actually do the will of the Father.  

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