April 2 - Fifth Sunday in Lent : He is our Life

March 30th, 2017



First Reading   Ezekiel 37:12-14
God will open the graves and restore the people of Israel.


Responsorial Psalm   Psalm 130:1-8
With the Lord is forgiveness and mercy.   


Second Reading   Romans 8:8-11
The Spirit of God dwells in you.


Gospel Reading
John 11:1-45 (shorter version John 11:3-7,17,20-27,33b-45)



May be you just feel like Lazarus, dead to life, no energy, no trust in anyone, no faith in God. No matter what it is, remember, Jesus is able to give life and fill us with meaning. Jesus is waiting to roll away the stone that hides us from his sight, that hides us from God, that blocks our way to a rightful place in life. His power can give us life. Jesus is asking each and every one of us the same question he asked Martha and Mary, “Do you believe this?” What is your answer?

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