May 17 - The Feast of Ascension: We are Pilgrims

May 13th, 2015


 First Reading  Acts of the Apostles 1:15-17,20a,20c-26
Matthias is chosen to take Judas' place among the apostles.

Responsorial Psalm  Psalm 103:1-2,11-12,19-20
Bless the Lord who rules heaven and earth.

Second Reading  1 John 4:11-16
God is seen in our love for one another.

Gospel Reading
John 17:11b-19

Today we celebrate the feast of Ascension. The Ascension of Jesus reminds us that during our lives we are “only passing through” on this earth, as we say. We are pilgrims on a journey. Just as Jesus’ earthly life was temporary, and he ascended to sit at the right hand of the Father, so also our lives here are temporary, will come to an end, and we will meet God in the next life. The Ascension of Jesus reminds us in all of our busyness not to forget what life is all about. The Ascension of Jesus reminds us that God has great plans for us that are out of this world. The Ascension also reminds us what Jesus said before the ascension: “Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations...”. It calls us to bear witness to Jesus through our words and deeds. Be proud of you Catholic faith. Don’t be ashamed to practice it in public. 

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