November 2nd - All Souls Day : I believe in the life to come

October 30th, 2014



First Reading :  Wisdom 3:1-9
Responsorial Psalm : Psalm 23:1-6 
Second Reading : Romans 6:3-9 
Gospel Reading : John 6:37-40


What happens to us when we die? We believe that firstly we will be judged. After judgment three choices await us: hell, Purgatory or heaven; hell for those who have rejected God, heaven for those who die as saints and Purgatory for everybody else. We would all like to go immediately to heaven when we die but are we living in such a way that we will die as saints? Would it be more realistic to expect to spend time in Purgatory being purified? Only perfect love can see God face to face so in Purgatory we are purified that we may see God face to face. Today we pray for all the souls who are still in Purgatory undergoing purification and growing in love before they are ready to see God face to face in heaven. It is out of our belief in Purgatory that today’s feast springs. If we didn't believe in Purgatory today’s commemoration of the holy souls and our prayers for them would not make sense.

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